The Ph.D. Degree

PhD or doctoral student must complete 6 yearly credits, in consultation with the Department Chair.  They also write a doctoral dissertation.

We also offer a combined PhD study track, in which outstanding students can complete an MA and PhD in four years.


Fields Research

The department enables students to research topics relating to the study of the Land of Israel in various periods, with primary focus on the following topics:

  1. Archaeology and material culture of the land and its inhabitants in Prehistoric, Biblical, Second Temple, Roman-Byzantine and Medieval periods
  2.  Cultural and social history of the people of the Land of Israel and its vicinity through the periods
  3. Historical geography of the Land of Israel, the economy of the land, history of settlement and other related topics
  4. Tourism and pilgrimage to the Land of Israel through the periods: social, economic, historical and religious aspects
  5. State of Israel studies
  6. Dead Sea Scrolls
  7. The history of medicine and daily life in the Land of Israel in ancient times
  8. The "Green Track" - planning and conservation, and environmental development


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