About the Martin (Szusz) Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology department

Department Chair: Prof. Kobi Cohen-Hattab

“A nation who ignores its past has a poorer present and an uncertain future.” –Yigal Allon, Minister in the Government of Israel and one of Israel’s founding generation

The Martin (Szusz) Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology is involved in an interdisciplinary research of the Land of Israel throughout all periods of human history, from various aspects, including archaeology, historical geography, nature, physical and human geography and demography.

The Department offers courses leading to B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, with specializations in Historical Geography, Archaeology and Tourism. The Department also offers a course for licensed tour guides. Students and faculty participate in archaeological excavations and field trips as part of their studies and research.

Who we are

A deep knowledge of the physical, human, and cultural landscapes of Israel are critical for understanding Israeli identity. This knowledge must include the study of the past and of ways in which the past informs the present. Studying in our department will give you a basis in history and archaeology, geography and environmental science, botany and zoology, and in many other areas.

Our department provides a unique academic experience, based on integrating classroom teaching with field study, alongside laboratory work and use of new technologies. This type of integration produces real advances in knowledge, explains unknown aspects of ancient periods, and develops creative and original thinking.

Alongside our programs for the BA, MA and PhD degrees, we also provide training leading to an “excavator’s certificate,” specializing in archaeology, which will train you to work in archaeological digs conducted under the aegis of Israel’s Antiquities Authority.

What you will learn

Our department is the only one in Israel to integrate archaeology and Land of Israel studies in all degrees. Cross-pollination between these two fields enriches your academic experience. Our faculty are acknowledged experts, both in Israel and around the world, in a wide range of fields, and so our courses cover many different fields and allow you to build a program of study that corresponds to your interests and areas of specialization.

Here is a small taste of our variegated course titles:

  • The Qumran Scrolls: Discoveries, Research, and Mysteries
  • Game of Thrones: Judah, Israel, and Philistia
  • Medicine and Medicinal Herbs in Ancient Israel
  • Synagogues in the Roman and Byzantine Periods
  • Military History in the First Crusade
  • Firing Far Away: Mongol Battle Tactics in the Land of Israel
  • The War that Never Ended: The Yom Kippur War
  • Jews of Different Descent in Modern Israel and the “Diaspora Ghost”
  • Minorities and Religions in Modern Israel
  • From the Murder of De Haan to the Murder of Rabin: Cleavages in Israeli Society
  • Social Transitions and Families in 20th Century Israel