The B.A. Degree

BIU's Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology offers several study tracks for a BA degree.


Historical Geography Track

This track focuses on the historical geography of the Land of Israel throughout its history. Students of this track choose a period of specialization. 

The periods are studied through the examination of relevant sources as well as through the use of archaeological research tools and methods. The track seeks to familiarize students with all aspects of historical-geographical and archaeological information relevant to the study of particular periods. 

Students are required to participate in a wide range of field trips that are organized by the department and are guided by the department's faculty, to different areas and sites in the land, to familiarize themselves with issues relevant with their studies. Students are required to participate in archaeological excavations undertaken by the department. Students of this track study introductory courses in all periods and then chose periods of specialization:

  1. Biblical period (Bronze-Iron ages)
  2.  Second Temple, Mishnah and Talmud periods (Persian, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods)
  3. Middle Ages: Crusader, Muslim, Mamluk, and Ottoman periods
  4. The Modern period: ca. 1700 CE onwards, including the modern state of Israel


Archaeology Track

This track deals with the study of archaeology and the material culture of the Land of Israel throughout the ages. It combines the study of archaeology and relevant historical material, with a focus on archaeology. Students in this track must participate in additional weeks of excavation


Direct Track to MA

Students excelling in their BA studies can apply during the course of their BA studies for the direct track to the MA degree.


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