Prof. Shilo Margalit


Prof. Margalit Shilo, Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology Department, Bar Ilan University, specializes in the history of the Jewish people in pre-state Israel. Her books: Experiments in Settlement, Jerusalem, 1988, [The book was awarded the Ruppin Prize,1988] (Hebrew); Princess or Captive? Jewish Women in Jerusalem, 1840 - 1914), Haifa and Lod, 2001 [The book was awarded the Bahat Prize, 2000] (Hebrew]); English version: Princess or Prisoner? Jewish Women in Jerusalem, 1840 - 1914, Brandeis University Press and University Press of New England,  Hanover and London, 2005;  Voices of Jerusalem Women, Writings of Jewish Women of the Nineteenth Century, The Dinur Center, The Hebrew University, 2003, [Hebrew].

Last Updated Date : 05/12/2022