Prof. Faust Avraham

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Prof. Avraham (Avi) Faust  teaches archaeology in the Martin (Szusz) department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology, Bar-Ilan University. He received his PhD from Bar-Ilan University (2000), and conducted post-graduate (1997/8) research (visiting graduate student) at the University of Oxford, and post-doctoral (2002) research at Harvard University (Fulbright Scholar). In 2008 he spent a short sabbatical as Kennedy Leigh fellow at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies.


Avraham Faust is the author of Israelite Society in the Period of the Monarchy: An Archaeological Perspective (Jerusalem: Yad Ben Zvi, 2005 [in Hebrew]), Israel's Ethnogenesis: Settlement, Interaction, Expansion and Resistance (London: Equinox, 2006; winner of the Irene Levi Sala Prize for books on the Archaeology of Israel, ASOR's G.E. Wright Book Award and the Biblical Archaeology Society Publication Award), The  Archaeology of the Israelite Society in the Iron Age II (Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, forthcoming), and The  Excavations at Kh. er-Rasm: The Changing Faces of the Countryside (Oxford:  Archaeopress, forthcoming), as well as numerous articles, covering various aspects of Israel's archaeology from the Early Bronze Age to the Byzantine period, with a special focus on the Israelite society in the Iron Age.

Prof. Faust participated in a number of excavations and surveys in Israel and abroad, and from 2006 he is directing the excavations at Tel Eton (commonly identified with Biblical Eglon).